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Trailer Insurance

Get Trailer Insurance From Just £89

Cover Available For Your Trailer Insurance

If you are looking to insure your business trailer then we have the policy for you. Our exclusive policy underwritten at Lloyds is designed to insure any type of trailer including horseboxes. Most car insurance policies will cover an attached trailer for third party risks only whilst being towed, any damage caused to your trailer is not covered.  Also whilst your trailer is detached you will normally have no cover for damage to it, nor if the trailer is stolen.

Our trailer policy is extremely competitive from just £89 and benefits from no rating areas meaning that all risks will be rated on the value of your trailer regardless of its location and use.

If you don’t want to lose out if your trailer is damaged or stolen then call us today for a cheap trailer insurance quotation.



Key Benefits On This Trailer Insurance Policy Include:


  • ‘New For Old’ cover for trailers less than 3 years old.
  • Cover includes you taking the trailer anywhere in Europe for up to 30 days.
  • Replacement trailer hire also included.
  • 20% discount if Datatag theft deterrent system fitted to trailer.
  • Minimum Premium starts at Just £89 a year.
  • Just a £100 standard excess.
  • There is No Restriction on the type of trailer that can be covered under the policy.
    This can include general purpose trailers, box vans, flat beds, car/bike transporter trailers, plant, tipping, exhibition trailers, advertising, specialist, livestock, horseboxes, power boat trailers, dinghy, commercial goods and mobility trailers.
  • Free quote, quick cover and instant documentation available.

Summary Of The Trailer Cover Available

Fire, Theft, Accidental Damage and New For Old Cover.
The insurers will pay up to the cost price, market value or the sum insured as shown in the schedule or any endorsement (whichever is less) for fire, theft following forcible entry, or accidental damage to the trailer. It must have been under the custody or control of you, your immediate family or on loan in an emergency. The insurers will base the settlement on the original cost price less depreciation, or the market value (whichever is less). The insurers will choose to pay you or to replace or repair the items. You must keep a dated receipt for the wheel clamps as proof of buying.

If the trailer is stolen and not recovered or totally destroyed within 3 years of manufacture, settlement will be on current value, without making a deduction for wear & tear or age of the trailer, subject to the sum insured stated in the Policy Schedule.

Replacement Hire.
If the trailer becomes unusable for more than 24 hours because of loss or damage covered under section 1, the insurers will cover you up to the amount specified in the schedule for the reasonable cost you incur of hiring another trailer similar to the one insured.

Public Liability.
You will be insured up to the amount specified in the schedule in respect of:-
(a)  amounts you become legally liable to pay for and/or
(b) costs and expenses of defending litigation incurred with our written consent in respect of death or bodily injury or loss or damage to property arising from one event or all events of a series consequent on one original cause happening during the period of insurance and caused by or through your use of the trailer.
N.B. Whilst in use on the back of a vehicle, the vehicle insurance will cover the liability for the trailer.

European Trailer Use.
The insurance operated for 30 days whilst the trailer is in Europe (including sea crossings).

Policy Excess & Conditions.

  • The standard policy excess is £100. This is what you will be responsible for in the event of  a claim.
  • When not in use the trailer must be clamped by a British Standard wheel clamp or hitch lock unless it is kept in totally enclosed and secure buildings which is built of brick, stone or timber and has doors locked by a patent 5-lever lock.
  • Public liability cover whilst the trailer is attached to a vehicle is covered under the vehicle insurance.
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