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Personal Accident Insurance

accident sickness insurance | personal accident insurance image

Are You Looking For A Personal Accident Insurance Policy?
 Look No Further!!

Can you afford to be off work due to an accident, illness or if you are sick?  If not then you should have a personal accident insurance policy.  An accident and sickness insurance policy provides you with an income whilst you are off work, until you return to work.  We can provide cover for all occupations and can also include cover for sporting injuries. 
Consider how your monthly bills would be paid and the effect on the household income if a provider is unable to work for a period of time.

Examples of what could happen:

1.  A self employed builder, whilst at work,  falls off his ladder and breaks his arm.  He's unable to work for 8 weeks.  He has a personal accident policy which pays him 250 a week, until he returns to work.  He has a 2 week excess, so he gets paid out for the final 6 weeks, (that's 1,500), he wouldn't have received a penny had he not had this policy being self employed.
personal accident insurance, accident sickness insurance image2.  An office worker is taken seriously ill, and has been signed off work for 26 weeks.  They have a personal accident policy which also includes sickness cover for 150 a week.  Apart from the 1 week excess they are paid out for the remaining 25 weeks they are off work.  (That's 3,750), a massive amount of money to lose if they didn't have this policy.

Policies can also include cover for sporting injuries, i.e. broken leg playing football, or broken arm whilst horse riding, etc.

Hodgson Insurance Services are insurance brokers and have been providing personal accident and illness policies for over 30 years and have the experience and service to provide you with the right quotation.  We offer cover from a panel of top UK insurance companies to provide you with the most competitively priced policy on the market.

To arrange a quotation, just click on the link below, complete the quotation form and we will arrange a quotation for as soon as possible.

Click Here For Insurance Quotation


In the event of an accident or illness it is vital that you can manage financially.  A personal accident insurance policy provides peace of mind and security to you and your family.
Benefits of an accident sickness insurance policy can include:
  • A lump sum paid out following accidental bodily injury on death, loss of limbs, speech, sight and hearing or inability to work.
  • A weekly benefit, normally for up to 2 years if you are unable to work following an accident.
  • The standard policies normally include an excess of just 1 or 2 weeks, which means a weekly payment will be given after this period has elapsed.
  • Where you may have made provision for adequate death cover within a life policy elsewhere, our policies offer the option to include capital benefits to help cope with permanent disablement.
  • Cover on the accident policy can be extended to include a sickness weekly benefit normally up to 1 year.
  • You can insure for up to between 60- 75% of your average gross weekly wage.
Accidental Death & Capital Benefits Cover.
Accidental Death cover provides your family with a lump sum in the event you die through an accident.
Capital benefits gives you a lump sum payout for loss of limbs or eyesight, payouts would depend on what limbs or digits are affected.


Premium Example.

A 36 year old Plumber earns 400 a week.  Therefore he is looking to cover himself for a weekly benefit of 300.  He included 10,000 death cover and 10,000 capital benefits cover.

He plays football for a local amateur football club, and he's had no previous accidents or illnesses.  He would like a price for personal accident only cover and also accident and sickness cover.

Insurer: Primary General Insurance. 
Excess: 1 week (for accidents). 2 weeks (for sickness)
Premium:    Accident Only:     194.00.               Accident and Sickness:    477.50.

accident insurance personal quote uk imageArrange A Quotation Now
To arrange a quotation, just click below, complete the quotation form and we will come back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.

  Alternatively you can ring our office on 01288 353999, where we will be more than pleased to discuss your requirements over the phone.

Click Here For Insurance Quotation


Insure yourself now for peace of mind and for your family's security



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