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iphone 6 insurance | ipad insurance | gadget insurance imageGadget

Insure Your Gadget's Today, Iphones, Ipads, Mobile Phones, Laptops & More.

Being without your beloved gadget or mobile phone is bad enough without having the additional stress and trauma of having to replace it. Gadget Cover Insurance have come to the rescue with a policy which will insure your mobile phone, iphone 6, laptop, games console or other gadget against a variety of perils.

Get a quote now, it takes less than 30 seconds to find out just how little your gadget will cost to insure. Just click below. Your 1st Month Of Cover Will Also Be FREE!, Yes 12 months cover for the price of 11.

Click On The Gadget Cover Picture Below For An Instant Insurance Quote!!


Gadget and Mobile Phone Insurance?

You'll be covered for:

  • Theft

  • Loss (+ 1 a month) - Mobiles Only

  • Accidental Damage

  • Liquid Damage

  • Breakdown

  • Unauthorised Calls

  • Accessories

Plus you get with your gadget insurance:

  • Unlimited Claims

  • No Claims Bonus

  • Worldwide Cover

  • Family Cover

  • Instant Cover

  • A Fully FCA Regulated Insurer Who Have Insured Gadgets Since 1995.

  • Discounts for insuring multiple gadgets.

iphone mobile phone insurance | ipad insurance | samsung galaxy mobile phone insurance cover imageWhy Have Gadget Cover and Mobile Phone Insurance?

  • Most mobile phones sold in the UK are smartphone's which are attached to fixed length contracts (often lasting for 24 months). Contrary to common belief, however, the mobile phone itself is never cheap and definitely never free, it's cost is included within your monthly payments. To replace the phone can easily cost between 300-700. That's a big one-off cost to find.

  • Naturally if your mobile phone is stolen lost or damaged whilst you are still in a fixed-term contract, you will have to continue making your payments even though you no longer have that phone.

  • If you have completed your minimum contract term and now own the handset, you might end up paying between 20-50 per month extra on top of your monthly bill just to cover the cost of another one following a theft, loss or accident.

  • With this in mind, taking out mobile phone insurance or cheap iphone insurance is the smart thing to do for your smartphone as it means a far lesser financial burden for you.

  • Most high street stores will offer you mobile phone or iphone insurance at the time of purchase. These policies can cost up to 60% more than Gadget Cover's gadget and mobile insurance.

  • So if you want to do the smart thing for your mobile phone, iphone, ipad, satnav, or even your laptop, get a quote now!

Get Your Iphone, Mobile Phone or Gadget Insurance Quote Below.
Click The Picture !!!


Frequently Asked Questions About Gadget Cover Insurance.

  • What Does Gadget Cover Insure? Gadget Cover will insure mobile phones incl android phones, all Apple iphones (including the iphone 4, iphone 5 and iphone 6), Apple ipads, tablets, PDA's, MP3 players, ipods, satellite navigation systems (Sat Nav), E-Readers, PSP's, Playstations, Xbox and other games consoles, cameras, camcorder and video recorders, personal media players, laptops/Macbook and PC's. All models covered including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Windows, Orange, Panasonic, Sony etc. Discounts will also be given if you insure multiple gadgets.
    In addition you will have an account where you can store any digital material you have on your computer, mobile phone and digital camera so safely protected from computer crashes, fire & theft. Gadget Cover have teamed up with the Gourmet Society to give you 3 months FREE trial card giving you up to 50% discount off meals in over 5000 restaurants in the UK.

  • Why Do I Need To Insure? Many of us do not realise the value of the every items carried on us or in a briefcase, rucksack or handbag. It's only when something goes wrong and we have to replace these products that we understand the true value, both personally and financially of our every day gadgets.
    According to a recent survey by Zurich Insurance the average person carries 851 worth of hand held gadgets with them every day, this raises to 1,034 for people in London.
    Figures published in 2006 show an increase of 40% in crime rates largely caused by small electronic devices such as ipods, mobile phones, iphones and laptops etc, this is in addition to the:
    600,000 electronic devices dropped in the toilet,
    400,000 electronic devices dropped in drinks, and the
    200,000 electronic devices that ended their life in a washing machine.
    1 in 7 of these are not covered under their home contents insurance policy.

  • What Is My Gadgets Covered For Under The Policy? Theft - including unattended theft from a secure vehicle or secure premises. Loss (mobile phones and PDA's only), Extended Warranty (not on laptops), Accidental Damage (including liquid damage) and Worldwide Cover.
    Please Note In the event of a claim and you pay monthly the insurer will require the full annual premium to be paid in full before a claim is paid. Policy covers 1 replacement within any 12 month period.

  • What Are The Main Exclusions For My Gadgets? Theft is excluded from a vehicle or premises when there is no visible sign on forced entry. Leaving the item unattended when it is away from your home. Not reporting the theft or loss of the gadget to the police within 24 hours and for mobile phones, iphones and PDA's notifying the theft to the service provider within 12 hours.

  • Do I Have To Pay An Excess In Event Of A Claim? Yes, There is an excess for all claims which must be paid before your claim can be approved. For laptops there is a 75 excess within the UK or 100 for an international claim. For electronic equipment over 400 in value there is a 75 excess for a theft or damage claim and 100 for accidental loss. For all other items there is a 40 theft/damage excess, 60 for loss claims, and 75 for international claims.

  • Do I Need To Supply A Receipt? Yes. In the event of a claim you will need to provide receipts for all gadgets you are claiming for. The receipt must be in the family name and if relating to a mobile phone, it must include the IMEI number.

  • Is There Any Age Restrictions On The Items I Can Insure? Yes, Gadget Cover will only insure items less than 12 months old.

  • Who Do You Use To Insure My Gadgets? We insure your gadgets through Gadget Cover who is part of Supercover Insurance. They have been trading and insuring mobile phones since 1995 and the policy's are underwritten by Lloyds.

Click Below For Your Instant Gadget or Mobile Phone Insurance Quote



Do You have Home Contents Insurance?
Alternatively, if you have a home contents insurance policy or you live with your parents who have a home contents policy then a cheaper option maybe to add your gadgets to this type of policy. For more information just speak to the home insurers for advice.


Cheap Gadget Insurance Cover Available Now


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