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Working From Home Insurance

Let Us Arrange Your Homeworkers Insurance

Working From Home Insurance Cover

Choosing to work from home frees you from daily commutes and can greatly reduce your expenses and stress. With modern technology more and more people are finding working from home more convenient.

Have you thought about the implications on your insurance policy’s especially a home insurance policy. A standard home insurance policy will exclude any liability in respect of business activities along with business contents and stock. If you have customers coming to your property it’s even more important to have a specialist homeworkers policy in place to ensure to have full cover for say a customer injuring themselves whilst at your home.

We have a panel of insurance schemes we use for people working from home. Please just complete the quotation form by clicking the link opposite. Alternatively call our office on 01288 353999 to discuss your insurance requirements with a member of staff.

What Insurance Covers May I Require?

If you can, we look to combine covers under one homeworkers policy. Like a standard household policy we’ll include your personal contents, buildings (if owned) and standard Public Liability cover. In addition to this Working From Home policy’s can include the following:

  • Business Public Liability Insurance – Covering injuries or customers coming to your home, or third party property damage whilst operating as the business.
  • Employers Liability Insurance – Many people just work alone at home, but if anybody works for you, full or part time, you legally have to have Employers Liability cover in place for them.
  • Business Contents & Equipment Insurance – If you use a computer, mobile phone, kitchen or any other equipment for your business a standard home insurance policy will normally exclude these items, but a Homeworkers policy can include these business items.
  • Business Interruption – Loss of income from an insured peril stopping you to work from home. E.g you sustain an office fire.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Gives you cover against you making a mistake in advice given or service provided which costs your customer money. You could find yourself sued for compensation and without this cover, expert legal support to defend a claim could be very costly.
  • Vehicles & Goods In Transit Insurance – If you use a car or van for your work or to visit customer you must ensure the use on your vehicle insurance is correct. A car insurance policy will need at least Class 1 Business use, speak to your insurance broker for advice. In addition you may want to insure any goods carried. A Goods In Transit policy may be required.
  • Products Liability Insurance – If a product you’ve made and supplied causes injury or third party damage, you could end up footing the bill. With Products Liability cover, you’ll have peace of mind you’re covered.
  • Personal Accident Insurance – If you business relies on you, then you need to consider how your income would be affected if any injury or illness leaves you unable to work. A Personal Accident Insurance policy would pay your wage until you recover, limits apply.
  • Travel Insurance – If you travel around the UK, Europe or over the world you will need travel insurance. You may also need to upgrade to a business travel policy, which gives you extra covers including business equipment.

What Occupations Can Be Catered For?

We can cover a variety of occupations and trades under our Homeworkers Insurance policy’s. Some of the popular trades includes:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Beauticians
  • Business Consultants
  • Chiropractors
  • Claims Assessors
  • Computer Engineers
  • Dressmakers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Hairdressers
  • Insurance Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Music Teachers
  • Nannys
  • Painters and Artists
  • Party Planners.
  • Travel Consultants
  • Website Designers
  • Plus Other Professions Working From Home

Paying Guests, Bed & Breakfast, or AirBnB!!

If you’re taking in paying guests then a Homeworkers policy is not adequate. Many people take in paying guests as an extra income and is a growing area with the likes of the popular ‘Airbnb’ making it easy for anyone to advertise a spare room. However, you will need to look at a specialised bed and breakfast, guest house or holiday home insurance to get the correct cover. Please contact us for more information or look through the website at the appropriate products.

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