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Learner Driver Car Insurance

Insure Yourself From Just £1.69 per day!!

The Number 1 Choice For Learner Drivers

Learning to drive is often one of the most important events in a young persons life and as soon as they hit 17 they are keen to get out on the road. It’s becoming more and more expensive for a young learner driver to be added to a family member or friends car insurance policy, and they are often reluctant to risk their hard earned No Claims Bonus or previous clean record.

Now We Have The Answer We have teamed up with Provisional Marmalade to bring you a flexible short term learner driver policy which is taken out in the learner drivers own name, covering any specified vehicle up to a Group 32, with a value up to £30,000 and with automatic Comprehensive cover. Someone else must already own and insure the car, but it allows the provisional licence holder time to practise before they take their driving test.

You can take out a 1, 2 or 3 month policy and the prices range from £50.70 – £85 per month, (or around £2 a day).

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Key Benefits Of Our Short Term Learner Driver Policy

NO Risk To Owners ‘No Claims Bonus’ In Event Of An Accident
SAVE Money! Costs From As Little As £1.69 A Day
Insure Cars Up To £30,000 Value and Car Groups Up To 32
Flexibility. Choose Length Of Policy From 30-90 Days
Supervision Can Be By Anyone Over 25, With A Full UK License Longer Than 3 Years
Comprehensive Cover With Just A £250 Excess
How Does The Learner Driver Policy Work?

You can use the Marmalade Learner policy to insure your parent’s or a friend’s car whilst you learn to drive, without any risk to their policy. Their policy stays the same and all you do is take out this extra temporary policy to insure yourself whilst driving their car. The policy gives you Comprehensive cover, so will pay out for any damage caused to the car if involved in an accident, catches fire or is stolen.   

Why Choose Provisional Marmalade?
  • Comfort Of Driving With A Parent
    Enabling you to practise what you have learned with your driving instructor.
  • Your Own Comprehensive Insurance
    Provisional Marmalade provides insurance cover to allow you to drive a family or friends car. It is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers you rather than the car owner against all of the normal third party and comprehensive risks as a result of a collision.
  • Protect Your Parents No Claims Bonus
    If something does happen whilst you are driving and a claim is made against you, our claims handler will deal with your claim and your parent’s insurance company will not be involved. Their no-claim status is not affected.
  • Cars Insured Up To Group 32
    Since cars can be covered up to Group 32, the chances of the company not being able to cover your parents car are minimal. e.g. Audi A4 2.0 or a BMW 530 Diesel.
  • Maximum Market Value Of The Car Is £30,000
    Again most family cars have a current market value less than £30,000 which covers most of the vehicles on the road in the UK.
  • Driving Standards Agency Recommends Practice
    The Driving Standards Agency actively supports a balance of professional tuition and a minimum 22 hours of practice with friends or family before taking the practical driving test. This could be just driving to school with Mum, with Mum taking the car back after or maybe going out at the weekend with Dad.


What Type Of Cars Can Be Covered By The 'Provisional Marmalade' Policy?

You can insure any car providing it is an insurance group 32 or less and has a current value less than £30,000.

What Type Of Cover Is Provided Under The Policy?

The policy provides Comprehensive cover for the vehicle by fire, theft or malicious damage and for accidents whilst you’re driving the car. Cover is also provided whilst you’re driving for injury to you and damage that you cause to other people and their property.

There is also cover for driving supervisor if they have to take over the driving whilst you are receiving tuition.

Who Can Supervise Me Whilst I'm Learning To Drive?

Any driver who is over the age of 25, who currently holds a valid Full UK driving licence, and has done for at least 3 years, can accompany you. It need not be the person who owns the car.

Can I Learn To Drive In More Than One Car?

The policy only covers you driving the named vehicle, but if you want to learn in more than one vehicle you can always take out a separate policy for each car you intend to drive.

Can This Policy Be The Only Insurance For The Car?

No, the policy is designed to cover a car that belongs to someone else whilst you are driving it, so the car must remain insured by the main owner for other risks.

How Much Does The Policy Cost and How Long Am I Covered For?

The cost of the Comprehensive cover depends on the length of policy you choose and where you live, the length of the policy ranges 30 days up to 90 days and can work out from as little as £1.69 a day.

What Is The Excess If I Need To Claim?

An excess is the amount YOU pay towards any damage caused in an accident, if the car is stolen, or catches fire whilst you are driving it. You will need to pay the first £250 towards any claim.

Can I Change The Car I Am Insured For?

Yes, you can change the insured vehicle once during the term of cover but there is an administration charge of £10 for doing so.

Does The Policy Also Cover Other Learner Drivers Driving The Car?

No, the policy only covers the 1 named learner driver in the named car.

What Happens If I Pass My Test?

When you pass your test all cover under the policy ceases immediately. If you then require cover on a car now you have passed then you would need to be added to the insurance policy of the car you are driving or take out a new policy for yourself if it’s your own car.

Who Provides The Cover?

The policy is underwritten by Zenith Marquee Insurance, a specialist motor insurer at Lloyds.

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