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If you are looking for insurance on your home buildings and/or contents for your private home then look no further. Here at Hodgson Insurance Services we offer a comprehensive range of home insurance packages from a panel of the top UK insurance companies to find you the best deal.

We can provide quotations for home buildings, contents, personal possessions away from the property, public liability and legal expenses cover. Our quotations will be given with and without accidental damage cover.

For a free home insurance quotation please fully complete and submit the form below and we will contact  you with a quotation as soon as possible.  Alternatively contact our office on 01288 353999 where a member of staff can discuss your requirements immediately.


Please Read This Statement Before Completing The Form

The quotations we provide you will be based on the following:

1. The property & surrounding area is Free from storm/flood/subsidence/ground heave & landslip & has no history of such events in the area.
2. The property is in a good state of repair & will be so maintained.
3. The property or neighbouring properties have never been repaired, monitored in connection with, or suffered damage by subsidence, landslip or ground heave or been underpinned.
4. You have not had a previous insurance policy declined or refused, or had any criminal convictions or been made bankrupt.
5. There is no business run from the property.
6. The property is your main permanent residence and not a second home or left unoccupied.


N.B. If you cant agree with the above statement or are not sure about the statement then please ring us on 01288 353999 where we will be more than pleased to offer a quotation over the phone.


Private Home Insurance Quotation Form

Proposer's Details

Proposer's full name:  
Date of birth:  
Employers business:  
Is there a joint proposer (e.g. spouse): Yes No
(If applicable:)            Joint proposer's full name
Date of birth:
Employers Business:
Relationship to the main proposer:

Property Details

Risk address:  
Risk address postcode:  
Property type:    
Year property originally built:   
Is the property a listed building:  
Has the property ever been extended: Yes No
If Yes, What was the extension and what year was the extension built?
Number of bedrooms:  
Construction (Walls):  
Construction (Roof):  
What percentage of flat roof is on the property:  
When did you purchase or move in to this property  dd/mm/yyyy:  
Are all final exit doors fitted with at least a '5 lever mortice deadlock' approved to (BS3621):  
Do you have key operated locks on all accessible windows:  
Are you a member of a neighbourhood watch scheme:  
Do you have working smoke alarms fitted in the house:  
Number of adults who live at the address:  
Number of children who live at the address:  
Does any member of the household smoke:  
Is the property within 400 metres of a river, watercourse, river, canal, sea, cliff or quarry or in a flood or subsidence risk area:
(if 'Yes' please put what and how far away in box below):
Yes No
Do you own or rent the property:  
Have you made any household claims in the last 5 years:
(If 'Yes', please put dates, descriptions and costs of claims in box below)
Yes No
Any further information or material facts, please enter here:

Cover Details

Buildings:   This is the rebuilding cost of your property. Includes the main property, small private outbuildings like garages, plus architects fees and debris removal.  It is not based on the current value of the property.    
Contents:   This covers all personal contents (i.e.  furniture, carpets, TV's etc).
Personal Possessions:   This covers contents whilst taken away from the property.
This is split in to 'unspecified' possessions for cheaper items and for more expensive items taken away it may be advisable to individually 'specify' them.
Do you require buildings cover?:  
If Yes:   What is the buildings Sum Insured:
and would you like a quote including 'accidental damage' cover: Yes No
Do you require contents cover:  
If Yes:   What is the contents Sum Insured:  
and would you like a quote including 'accidental damage' cover: Yes No
Do you require personal possessions cover (contents whilst taken away from home):  
If Yes:   'Unspecified' Personal Possessions Sum Insured:
'Specified' Personal Possessions. Please enter full description of each specified item and it's replacement value:
How many years have you been claim free on current policy:  
Other Information
Your current insurers:  
Renewal/Inception date :
Renewal/Target premium:
Do you have any further information you feel may affect the quotation:

Contact Details

Contact name:  
Correspondence address:  
Email address:  
Phone number:  
How would you like us to contact you:  


Hodgson Insurance Services Specialising In: Cheap Home Owners Insurance      -     Buildings and Contents Insurance     - Best Rates For Household Insurance In The UK, Homeowners, buildings cover, contents cover and public liability insurance mfor homeowners.  For a house insurance quotation look no further for a comprehensive policy.


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