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Hotel Insurance

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At Hodgson Insurance Services we have specialised in hospitality trades, especially hotels and guest houses since 1977. Obtaining insurance cover with us is easy, a trained advisor will take the time to talk with you and discuss your business needs, we then go to our large panel of the top UK hotel insurers to compare and find you the best deals.

Our hotel policies are designed to specifically meet the needs of todays hotelier including insuring the contents, buildings (if owned), stock, refrigerated stock, business interruption, loss of licence, public and employers liability and much more.

We can cater for all sizes of hotels from small country hotels to large golfing, wedding or spa complexes.

To arrange a FREE no-obligation quotation just click opposite, complete our hotel quote form and we will contact you to discuss. Alternatively you can call our office on 01288 353999 and speak to one of our hotel advisors to discuss your requirements.

Do I Need A Hotel Insurance Policy?

If you own a property or run a business where you take in paying guests then you will require a B&B, guest house or hotel business insurance policy. If you only have a few guest rooms, don’t open to the public, aren’t licenced to sell alcohol then we may look to put you on a more appropriate B&B or guest house insurance policy. If, as well as a large number of your guest rooms, you have a restaurant open to the public, you sell alcohol, you maybe cater for wedding functions, you have employees, then a hotel policy will be required.

What happens if a guest falls down a stairs? An employee slips on a wet floor? If found liable a hotel insurance policy will pay compensation.

Some of the things we often see claims for under a hotel insurance policy include: escape of water from burst pipes (hotels have a lot of plumbing going through them), kitchen fires, theft, roof storm damage.

Speaking to a specialist hotel insurance broker will help find you the correct policy at the best possible prices!!

What Do I Need To Cover Under My Hotel Insurance Policy?

Here are some of the main covers you need to consider under your hotel policy. We will advise you on what you require and what you don’t.

  • Trade Contents
  • Buildings (if owned) or Tenants Improvements
  • Stock
  • Refrigerated Stock
  • Wines & Spirits (if licensed)
  • Loss Of Licence
  • Business Interruption (Covers loss of trade after an damage from an insured peril)
  • Goods In Transit
  • Fixed External Signs and Canopies
  • Business Money
  • Personal or Managers Own Contents
  • Guests Effects
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Commercial Legal Expenses

Things To Let Your Insurance Broker Know!!

There are other ‘Material Facts’ which you will need to consider and inform your insurance broker about to ensure adequate cover is maintained. Some of them include:

Do you have a licence at your hotel to sell alcohol to guests. If so, we must know about it.

Cooking Frying Range
What type of cooking apparatus do you have at the premises. Insurance companies are generally fine with table top fryers, but they can apply restrictions or may not cover you at all if you have a fish and chip style frying range, please let us know the type of cooking apparatus you have.

Bar Open To The Public
Do you have a bar in the hotel which is open to the guests. Some hotels have bars which are for guest use only, but if it the public can also come in for a drink then insurance companies rate this as a higher risk so must be informed.

Other Amenities
Does your hotel have a swimming pool, a gym, a spa area, tennis courts, golf course, does it have a passenger lift, sauna or even a children’s play area. If so, then your brokers must be informed about them as they are all risk factors to insurance companies and failure to tell your insurance company about these could invalidate a claim.

Self-Catering Facilities
Some hotels have rooms rented for self-catering, i.e. they have kitchen and cooking areas within the rooms. Insurers need to be aware of these rooms as it’s a higher insurance risk.

Contracts With Local Authority
Do have any a contract with the local authority or DSS to take in any of their customers. If so let us know how often you take in these guests as this affects your policy and most insurers will not even offer a quote if you decide to take in this type of guest.

If you provide any live entertainment at the premises, arrange any events, hold wedding functions or party’s for customers then we must know as this can affect your policy.

Some hotels shut down during winter months due to lower footfall or to take a break. If your hotel is unoccupied or closed for a period of time then the insurers must know about it. Depending on the length of unoccupancy (usually over 30 days), certain terms and conditions will be applied to your policy is respect of theft, escape of water, storm, etc. It’s obviously a higher risk to the insurance company as it’s then prone to all types of claims.

If you have made any claims on previous policies, please make sure you tell your insurers, no matter how small they were. Failure to disclose previous claims will more than likely invalidate your policy and any future claims may not be paid. Just be honest with the insurance companies and they will be fair in the event of a problem. We usually need to know about any claims made within the last 5 years on any policy.

Property Location
The situation of your property obviously makes a difference to the price you pay. Your postcode will give the insurers an idea of the area, but you must also inform your insurance company if the property is close to a river, canal, sea, watercourse, cliff or quarry, or in an area which is at risk from subsidence, heave or landslip etc. All these are material facts, which they must know about and again could affect your policy. Inner city areas like London, Manchester & Bristol will be more expensive than countryside hotels in Cornwall or Devon.

All insurance companies will have a standard excess for claims. This is the amount you will have to pay towards a claim and often starts from £250. E.g. – Someone with a £250 standard excess has a fire claim for £4,000 and is paid out less the £250 excess – that someone would receive £3,750 back from the insurance company. These standard excesses can often be increased for a reduction in your annual premium.
A subsidence, heave or landslip excess is often £1,000 as standard, unless the property is in a subsidence area.
Additional excess’s may be applied for high risk theft or flood area’s. Please read your insurance terms to ensure you fully understand how much you will have to pay towards a claim. Some brokers sneakily hide higher excess’s. We will explain and clearly display ALL excess’s.

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